Investing in UK real estate: How to make money with Intermark Global
Seminar for partners
August 24
During this seminar, we will be discussing the exceptional opportunities the UK property market currently presents, along with highlighting a range of exclusive off-market properties that are poised for significant growth.

Intermark Global experts will be sharing in-depth knowledge and years of expertise, providing a comprehensive understanding of the UK market landscape.

The seminar offers a unique platform for networking with like-minded individuals who share a common interest in UK property investment. It is an excellent opportunity to connect with professionals from the industry and gain valuable insights into market trends, financing options, and investment strategies.
  • 1
    An overview of the UK property market and its unparalleled potential for capital appreciation and rental income
  • 2
    Detailed analysis on why now is an opportune time to invest in the UK property market
  • 3
    Exclusive access to off-market properties that offer high returns on investment and financial security
  • 4
    Full insight on how to become a partner
  • 5
    Liv Lodges - exclusive to Intermark Global
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